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Cement Removal

Remove concrete or cement stains with damaging the paintwork

Cement is a fine, soft powder used as a binder because it hardens after contact with water. It is produced from a mixture of limestone and clay that's charred and then ground up.

Concrete is just a mixture oft cement, sand, small stones, and water.

You will generally see cement on some new builds and sometimes it is used incorrectly on older buildings shown below.

When on a building site you will often see materials, vehicles and machinery covered in cement when being mixed on site. Because cement is such a hard and stubborn building product, it is difficult to remover without using hard acids. This usually damages the paintwork and causes it either to pickle or dull. The solution to this would be to use USP 600 Concrete Remover

USP 600 Concrete Remover

Contec USP-600 Concrete Remover is for removing cement contamination from a wide range of substrates. It is formulated to clean concrete mixers, pumps and GRC moulds, cement silos, associated plants and tools.

Contec USP-600 Concrete Remover is ideal for regular cleaning of ready-mix concrete lorries and pumps, keeping them clean, without damaging the paintwork.

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