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Contec USP-600 Concrete Remover is for removing cement contamination from a wide range of substrates. It is formulated to clean concrete mixers, pumps and GRC moulds, cement silos, associated plants and tools.
Contec USP-600 Concrete Remover is ideal for regular cleaning of ready-mix concrete lorries and pumps, keeping them clean, without damaging the paintwork.

USP 600 Concrete Remover

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  • Contec USP-600 Concrete Remover contains a naturally occurring, organic acid that breaks down the cement matrix surrounding the sand and aggregates in mortars, render, bricks and concrete. Breaking down this binder makes for the easy cleaning of mortar, render and concrete deposits from affected surfaces. Contec USP-600 Concrete Remover has major benefits over other concrete and cement cleaners because it is significantly safer to use and does not attack the underlying surface. Contec USP-600 Concrete Remover is made of an organic molecule, derived from sustainably farmed produce. It has no components subject to Workplace Exposure Limits (WEL). Contec USP-600 Concrete Remover is 90% bio-degradable. Final biodegradability is in line with ‘easily degradable’ under OECD 301 and European Regulation No.648/2004.

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