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Colour Enhancer | Contec USP-400
Contec USP-400 Colour Enhancer is an aqueous fluoropolymer dispersion that enhances the colour of natural stone and porous building substrates.
Contec USP-400 Colour Enhancer prevents ingress of most types of surface contamination, including water, oil and graffiti to porous building substrates.
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• A surface treatment for porous substrates, to prevent water and liquid ingress.
• Contec USP-400 Colour Enhancer also prevents airborne dirt and stains from adhering to the surface. It has a good resistance to graffiti.
• Contec USP-400 Colour Enhancer reduces surface degradation as atmospheric contaminants no longer stick to the surface.
• Contec USP-400 Colour Enhancer resists moss and lichen formation and will not alter the aesthetics of the treated surface (invisible protection). A treated surface will remain moisture vapour permeable.
• Contec USP-400 Colour Enhancer is UV resistant, non-flammable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

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MB 2K.jpg


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Contec-USP 400 Colour Enhancer.jpg

Colour Enhancer

Contec USP-400 Colour Enhancer is an aqueous fluoropolymer dispersion that enhances the colour of natural stone and porous building substrates.

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