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Epoxy Flooring Paints & Sealers

Waterproofing and Floor Protection

When thinking about putting a paint on your floors the main properties you look for are:

- Is it waterproof and damp proof? (water permeability / resistance to rising damp)

- How durable is it? (if i drop something heavy on it will it crack)

- How does it look? (what colours | matt or gloss)

- What slip resistance does it have? (anti slip coatings)

Where can you use these products?

Private Homes

Creativity in one’s own home starts with the floors. This is why the Remmers colour floorings are always also a statement and a real alternative to conventional floor coverings.

Slight streaks, unobtrusive marbling or creative textures – hardly any other flooring system can be so individually matched to one’s own needs while maintaining its fresh look over the course of many years

Public areas

Kindergartens, s