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Waterproofing new buildings

Updated: Apr 17

DIN 18533 - the new waterproofing standards for components that are in contact with the ground

Structural waterproofing

With the introduction of the new water impact class W4-E, clear requirements are defined for the structural waterproofing products in and under walls below ground level. For example, it is stated that the selected waterproofing type must be able to break off vertical loads without damage and must show sufficient strength against horizontal loads. Both conditions are met in accordance with DIN 18533 for crack-bridging mineral waterproofing slurries.

Exterior waterproofing

Reliability, fast and easy processes along with short waiting times are the most importanat aspects that a modern waterproofing system has to fulfill. Lots of professionals want to complete the waterproofing work in one day and continue working the next day. Remmers waterproofing systems perfectly meet these requirements.

Base waterproofing

Base seals are usually made with mineral waterproofing grouts. However, they have one major disadvantage; they only adhere to mineral surfaces. This means that in the case of new construction, they must be installed below ground level before the bitumen-based waterproofing. This is not the case with the new MB 2K+: This product combines the properties of a crack-bridging, mineral water proofing grout with that of a and polymer modified, bitumen coating.

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