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Why do we have assorted paints?

When tinting paints, sometimes there could be an error by

user or by the machine. This will result in a paint being tinted

to a colour that is undesired by the customer. 


We do not want to throw these paints away as this would be a waste of high quality material. To combat this we offer the paints to our customers at a reduced price. 

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The paints are high quality Remmers Paints ranging from Color LA, Color Pa and Color Flex. These paints are specialist paints are hard wearing and long lasting. 

Color LA (Silicone Resin Paint LA)

  • Breathable

  • Anti-fungal properties

  • Long lasting 

  • Large range of colours

Color PA (Concrete Acrylic)

  • Breathable

  • Carbonation-inhibiting

  • Long lasting 

  • Large range of colours

Color Flex ( Elastoflex)

  • Highly elastic

  • Long lasting 

  • Large range of colours

Color LA.jpg
Color PA.jpg
Color Flex.jpg


Bauxite Anti-Slip is used for as a decorative anti-slip solution for synthetic flooring like BS 3000 or even sealers like PUR Aqua Top M & PUR Aqua Top M Plus. It is very important to have slip resistant flooring in certain environments like warehouses, shop floors, kitchens, garages, car parks and any other surfaces that are prone to having liquids on it.  


Remmers Synthetic Flooring Example:

As seen in the adjacent photo, the floor has been coated with a synthetic resin and anti-slip would be added to this to this as it is a surface that is subjected to a lot of water. This would make it a dangerous environment for anyone but especially someone with a disability or the elderly. Having an anti-slip coating would improve the surface résistance dramatically and allow people to feel safe when moving around in their bathroom. 

As well as making it a safer environment, the aesthetic can be altered within a massive range of colours and designs. You can see in this instance they have opted for a modern all white, super simple aesthetic. 



Our Products

Color LA.jpg

Color LA

"True" silicone resin paint with film preservative for surfaces at risk of infestation with algae or fungi


Ceramix 03


Coloured Quartz Sand

PUR Aqua Top M.jpg

PUR Aqua Top M

Aqueous, transparent, two-component sealant

Color PA.jpg

Color PA

High-quality, pure acrylate facade paint


Bauxite Pigment

Produced in-house, Calcined Bauxite is colour coated to provide Pigmented Bauxite in a range of safety colours.

PUR Top M Plus.jpg

PUR Aqua Top M Plus

Anti-slip, transparent sealant

Color Flex.jpg

Color Flex

Highly elastic facade coating

Epoxy BS 3000 M.jpg

Epoxy BS 3000 M

Water-based, pigmented, matt sealant


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